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Wall - s/t LP+Mp3

Wall - s/t LP+Mp3

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All copies come with a thick die-cut & screenprinted Cardboard-Cover and printed Innersleeves!

these five dudes from cologne/bonn are a v2 rocket filled with pink flowers, are a cotton candy thunderstorm, bringing a war ensemble full of melody and heavyness. Sounding like 13 tons of candy falling on your cranium from a mile-high tower crane during a solar eclipse. think of God Flesh, Jesu and the mighty Floor. yes, you’re right – it is damn massive!

the selftitled LP will be out somewhen spring 2013! meanwhile listen to the first track of the record “beyond” and bow down…

I’m really into this stuff, and hope I’ll see these nice folks again when they hit town. And I sure wish them the best of luck for this new release, which is just awesome in my opinion. Saying this, I haven’t even heard the final mix of this yet. But these songs just keep growing on you, they make me feel the energy these guys deliver. Enough said…. – Stef B.SON