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Karies - Seid umschlungen, Millionen col. LP

Karies - Seid umschlungen, Millionen col. LP

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Second Press – electric Blue Wax!

Forget about Hamburg because Swabia did it again! Well, not completely alone but the influences of the Swabian Alb are clearly noticeable. There’s a reason why “Kevin Kuhn has a lot to do” became a running gag in the town of Esslingen.  After Die Nerven, All Diese Gewalt, Human Abfall, it’s now time for Karies – four guys scattered over Leipzig and Stuttgart. Their debut album will be released in October and let me tell you, it’s really good, promised!

You can hear that they are musically related to Die Nerven and there’s also a lyrical connection to Human Abfall – probably not only because they are from the same part of the country but also because they are friends and have worked together (Die Nerven’s Max Rieger produced this record).

This record sounds retro and dark, the 80s and NDW are omnipresent, and the songs are melancholic and heterogeneous. It resembles Abwärts or DAF – the messages are encoded and pithy at the same time. The beats are marching and shoot the songs across the room –yes,  this is punk! The vocals fire salvos like a M16, the guitars are noisy; they create a light atmosphere but weigh heavily on you at the same time.

Sylvia, what has happened? Die Nerven’s glutton Mr. Kuhn is taking over the drums on this record as well  – and that’s not the only reason why he has a lot to do!