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Glitter is bigger than Satan! 

travelinjack Hi ResThis summer the fourpiece-ratpack straight outa Berlin will release their debut album on TCM. The „madness“ 7“ was quite a cool szene-smasher – Deaf Forever’s own Götz Kühnemund tried a look into his Rock’N’Roll-glassbowl and wrote something like „…one of the extarordinary discoverys oft he last year“. Not only fanziners were sure about this rising star, also bookers of a few highranking festivals like Freakvalley, Desert Fest or Muskelrock liked to have the guys on their bill. It was quite a shureshot for them, cause the twin-guitar powerhouse blasts riffs into the audiance till everyone in in a good rock n roll mood. This machine is made for killing… and that although Travelin Jack are not the new „inventers of the riff“ – but they take he best ingediances of R.O.C.K. – „New World“ ist he essence of rock music – with an extra pronouncation on „riff“ – write it hollywood-letter-big and you’ll get the picture. But even this other bands do as well, so what’s the hassle about, you ask? The definate V2 all destroying super weapon is Travelin Jacks combination of three main influences of rock music – power, riffs and soul! TJ’s singer Alia takes you by the hand and guides you into the vaults of the great 60s female soulsingers – think of something like the Detroit Cobras without being 60s garage rock.  The music is straight end 70s glam influenced powerrock. Think of UFO, Suzi Quatro or The Sweet – make-up, plateau-boots, capes, flying V’s and, right, tons of glitter!  All this, combined with a bad ass production by berlin’s one and only Richi Behrends – kicks massive ass and makes you wanna dance and band your head – i promise!


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