Per Koro & TCM join forces to release the new BLCKWVS Album in spring ’11

Yes, right! The new epos “0140” of the allover germanys four-piece BLCKWVS just arrived for a first listen at the HQ. Heavy, monolithic instrumental Postrock meets the unfriendly atmosphere of the early Switchblade recordings – I am glad the sun came out a couple of days ago – this icecold sound in autumn mood would be a killer (literatelly). Dark riffing & spooky organ-vibes team up with a massive bass and drum work. Heavy and excellent produced (Tonmeisterei aka. themanhimself), with enough room to give every musician his own special place. Some songs a more rocking, think of Doomriders meet Pelican, and some songs carry a light 70s Doom/Okkult-spirit. I know you guys read this over and over, but the new record will be a massive step forward.