Upcoming Black Sleep Of Kali vinyl

there are a few things to come in the next month: Black Sleep Of Kali, a great neo-doom band from Denver, released their new longplayer in oct. 2010 on smallstone records. I am looking forward to release their CD-only epos “Our slow decay” on limited vinyl!

Massive! check out their stuff – the song is called “there is nothing” – they totaly rock, its a heavier version of Torche, with melodic vocals but more in-your-face riffing! awesome dudes!

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Noem – First signing on TCM

oh yes, this is exciting! after years playing in bands and working with vinyl as a fulltime job, this will be our new obsession.

NOEM from berlin, the new band of a bunch of well known guys, will release their debut 12” on iffis label static age music. there will be 4 Songs released – be prepared for total annihilation! get a feel for NOEM listening to some songs

In fall this year, there will be a full length 12” on This Charming Man Records, together with a tour.

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