Floridas Centuries team up for TCM release

Centuries, this Florida powerhouse, will record a new split 12″ with their buddies Homestretch. These new songs together with some of their old songs from their almost sold out 7″will be released on TCM in august 2011!

take a good ear

The song is called “dead (creation)” and its the opener of their 7″ – wicked!

Upcoming Black Sleep Of Kali vinyl

there are a few things to come in the next month: Black Sleep Of Kali, a great neo-doom band from Denver, released their new longplayer in oct. 2010 on smallstone records. I am looking forward to release their CD-only epos “Our slow decay” on limited vinyl!

Massive! check out their stuff – the song is called “there is nothing” – they totaly rock, its a heavier version of Torche, with melodic vocals but more in-your-face riffing! awesome dudes!

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