NOTHING announce LP on This Charming Man

berlin – two years ago – germany’s “aged” punk/Hardcore veterans from Highscore, Mönster, Costas Cakehouse, Durango95, Bombenalarm & Situations are lost in a foreign city and Attention: PATHOS: with no hope and only one love left: music. Nothing is born, Nothing is saviour, Nothing is HC/Punk in it’s purest way. Think of Poison Idea with a metal-shredding edge! This record is power, this records makes you smile, it has drive and passion with some critical/political pissed of lyrics. Less TRBNGR and more thrash than the debut record! If you need a good and fresh punk record for 2012, get this one!

The LP will be out mids of July – on time for their 10 day tour!

15.06. potsdamn @ black fleck w/out on a limb, enlightenment

14.07. leipzig @ plagwitz w/mülltüte, infesto, love channel
15.07. karlsruhe @ jubez w/ rosetta, kings destroy
16.07. tübingen @ epplehaus w/tba
17.07. trier @ ex-haus w/sarg
18.07. köln @ az w/serpent eater
19.07. duisburg @ tba w/modern pets
20.07. frankfurt @ au w/adolescents
21.07. bremen @ friesenstr w/the hearts of emperors, fox devils wild

29.07. berlin @ clash w/poison idea

08.09. berlin @ kastanie w/anstalt (ex-genocide ss)