new Preorder is up – Louis Jucker 5x LP

Louis Jucker 5xLP

Louis Jucker and Hummus Records proudly announce the release of “L’Altro Mondo, Music with Lovers & Friends”, due to April 2017. This release is a manifesto of unformatting! One of the most challenging projects we’ve ever had.

This is 5 different LP’s in one booklet, 5 different collaborations with amazing humans, the sum of 4 fuckin years of hyperactive songwriting, 40 self-recorded beautiful songs, 135 minutes of love and friendship captured on tape in different places of the world, far from the recording studios, as close as possible to the hearts of those who shared Louis life since 2012.

This is also a FUCKING MILESTONE of DIY edition, a crazy handmade silk-screen booklet preciously holding the 5 vinyls. Once again a crazy object that wouldn’t have existed without the genius of Sophie Gagnebin / Out of Gas.