BLCKWVS wooden discography 5xLP box Preview


here`s the first peek on the upcoming LP Box. it will house all Blckwvs Lps including the upcoming 0150 Lp plus some extra stuff – more details will follow

0110 col. 12″ (first time on Vinyl – it came out in 2005 on a selfmade CDR Demo – remastered with additonal Bass)

0120 col.LP (an old US CD only Release, released 2006 – remastered with additonal Bass)

0130 col.LP (selfreleased 12″ and rereleased by Per Koro and long out of press)

0140 col.LP (secondpress Vinyl on yellow Vinyl)

0150 col. LP (brand new and on this colour exclusivly in this box)

This complete five record set is housed in a handmade wooden box with a silkscreened finish. Within the box you get a silkscreened poster, a button set, a Newspaper and Downloadcodes for all releases.