Black Sleep Of Kali LP-Master & Artwork is done

the next big step: the master was done by Smallstones Sir Mixalot Mr. Goosman and is now finalized to be pressed on vinyl. We had to skip one song to get the perfect sound quality on the product. it will be something roundabout 42 minutes. We’ve swapped the positions of “In Time” and “The Great Destroyer”, which will split sides almost evenly.

Side A:
There Is Nothing
The Crow And The Snake
The Great Destroyer

Side B:
In time
Cries of the Crow
End With No Beginning

right now we are waiting for the master to be sent to us. the layout is finished –  a friend (infinity-prints) of the band did it – he is totaly into silkscreening and hand made LITHO stuff. The pic above is pretty much the front cover.