Space Chaser

pic. by phrenetica

This rat pack from berlin will blow your mind. think of hi-tops, beer & thrashing! you haven’t been caught headbangin’ lately? well, turn on your stereo and pump the volume: Space Chaser will get the job done.

this reminds me of my late 80s going skateboarding with D.R.I. on my walkmen. absolutely pure 80s thrash metal like old Agent Steel – a fast, ripping & in your face old school attack. this guys live the metal lifestyle, no fake and no bullshit!

“From time to time modern day metal bands decide to keep the traditions alive, Space Chaser are no exception. The Thrash Metal quintet from Berlin release their premier demo and promo this year and as such show excellency right from the first riff, this is 80’s style Thrash Metal in the vein of Anthrax and Metallica mostly, with the classic and easily detectable riffs and signature drumming as the backdrop, Space Chaser are nowhere near the Teutonic Thrash Metal style that has plagued the German metal scene for years. As long as they keep this up, they could make a name for themselves in the European metal scenes, you won’t need a time travel machine to see 80’s Thrash Metal, let the Space Chaser get it for you.” Rhys Stevenson, GlobalMetalApocalypse

“…brillanter, gradliniger, herrlich ungehobelter Ami Thrash, in bester 1985 Manier, high-energy Geknüppel mit meisterhaften, ruppigen Riffs, geilen Leads und einer Champions League Sirene am Mikro. Das so was ausgerechnet aus dem szenisch vielgescholtenen Berlin kommt ist die Kirsche auf der Torte. Live sorgen die Kerle zudem mit einem Cover von Agent Steel’s “Agents of Steel” für absoluten Maulsperrenalarm.” Jan Jaedike, Rock Hard