clowns crewshotIn 2015 Clowns have unsolicitedly carved their name into the walls of the Australian punk rock hall of fame. The success of their most recent full length Bad Blood has seen them smash sold out shows and festivals nation wide, appear at the 2015 SxSW festival, become the first ever Australian act to (dis)grace the prestigious Riot Fest line up in Chicago and achieve high rotation on national radio stations and bedroom record players alike.

Combining a vicious base layer of punishing punk rock combined with influences that range from 77’ punk, to underground Australian rock, as well as thrash, doom, noise and powerpop all loaded with chaos, energy and fun. Clowns really know no boundaries in regards to leaving punters stoked that they left their couches and came out to see them at a show.

With two full length LP’s under their belt including 2013’s “I’m Not Right” which ranked in at number 5 of national radio’s “Short Fast Loud’ top 40 releases of 2013, as well as the already highly acclaimed follow up LP “Bad Blood” released in early 2015, Clowns are heavily equipped with the right credentials to back up their impressive live show. Both of these records are out on highly esteemed Australian label “Poison City Records”, which the band have a strong and proud working relationship with, as well as having North American distribution through “No Idea Records” in USA.

With over 300 shows since the bands inception, shedding the lifeblood of Melbourne hardcore punk across South-East Asia, China, New Zealand, Australia and just recently USA; not to mention appearances at SXSW in Texas, MIDI Festival in China and many wild Australian East Coast shows, it’s safe to say that Clowns have a strong thirst for being on the road.

06.04.17 GER-Münster, Gleis 22
07.04.17 GER-Aachen, AZ
08.04.17 NED-Amsterdam, Winston
10.04.17 FRA-Besancon, tba
11.04.17 FRA-Lyon, Ayers Boat
12.04.17 FRA-Montpellier, Secret Place 
13.04.17 ESP-Badalona, Sala Estraperlo*
14.04.17 ESP-Madrid, Sala Caracol*
15.04.17 ESP-Vitora, Sala Jimmy Jazz*
16.04.17 FRA-Toulouse, tba
17.04.17 FRA-Bordeaux, Le Void 
18.04.17 FRA-Nantes, La Scène Michelet 
19.04.17 FRA-Orleans, Le 108 
20.04.17 FRA-Lille, tba
21.04.17 UK-Lincoln, Liquor 
22.04.17 UK-Manchester, Manchester Punk Festival 
23.04.17 UK-Sheffield, The Lughole
24.04.17 UK-Liverpool, Macguires Pizza Bar 
25.04.17 UK-Norwich, The Owl Sanctuary 
26.04.17 UK-Plymouth, The Junction 
28.04.17 UK-London, Urban Bar
30.04.17 GER-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
02.05.17 GER-Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
03.05.17 GER-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
04.05.17 SUI-Solothurn, Kofmehl
06.05.17 SUI-Zürich, Obenuse Fest
16.05.17 GER-Hamburg, Hafenklang