Black Sleep Of Kali

Freshmen! Being around in US-Doom or progressive Stonerscene for a short while, Denvers Black Sleep Of Kali left a decent path of destruction ater leaving the stage. But one thing after the other: They started as a project in 2008, toured with their first demo half of the states and recorded after 6 months their first real Ep.

They worked their asses to come around, left some band members along the road… blood and tears , as pathetic as it sounds, is deeply rooted in the songs of the fourpiece. , They found new members and started with a fresh lineup to record new material with their friend Andy Patterson (Gaza, Eagle Twin) in march 2010.

The result of these sweatdripping five days of recording are the seven songs which got on BSOK’s debut album „Our Slow decay.

The moment Chris of This Charming Man Records (Co-worker of germanys traditional Punk, Indie & Hardcore mailorder for Underground music Greenhell-Records from Münster) first listened to BSOKs concentrated load of emotions, heavyness and –  no kiddin’- popappeal, he decided to contact the band and asking them to do the vinyl of the record. As Torche 2 years ago, BSOK are not afraid to take the step from traditional metal influenced stonerrock to an progressive approach of modern genre bending rock music. This inspireing and extremly groovie songs have everything you need of a good rock record: driving guitar-licks, catchy, almost poppy vocals, excellent fast-forward palyed drums. This record definetely reaches out to the best of progressive rock music  around.

Besides the uncountable new Neo-doom rock acts and Black Sabbath-epigones, BSOK manage easily to write their own story: apocalyptic, with their own great gestures and an inspiring metaphorical language – as known for majestic and  epochal music!