A warm welcome…. Dramamine!

our dearest friends of Dramamine have decided to release their upcoming second longplayer on TCM Records. What can i say besides: Juuuuuuhhhhh – i am stoked. It’s totally cool to have them on board, ’cause i loved their first record, and adored the 7″ as well. If you ask me they have a unique position in modern days Post-Dc-Core.

Not only taking the best of the 90s, they add Kraut and other weird drug-influenced music stuff and create their own little monster. The new album will be recorded by Noems Drummer CB in one of the empty warehouse-buildings of Stebbe’s parents second-hand-clothing wholesale-company!!! It will be a complete new attempt to capture the roughness and improvisation of Dramamines incedible livesets. a handfull of mics, a bunch of vintage equipment, a sack of weed  and five dudes getting freaking out! i am buying “die katze im sack” as a german proverb says, hehehe. maybe it will turn out as a delay-soaked progrock record…. we’ll see.

Recording will start roundabout mids of summer ’11, and the record is planned for end of the year.